Hooked On A Feeling

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#svark68 #видеосьемкавперми #пармабаскет - Blue Suede Hooked On A Feeling

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Blue Suede - Hooked On A Feeling

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I can't stop this feeling
deep inside of me.
Girl, you just don't realize
what you do to me.
When you hold me
in your arms so tight,
you let me know
everythings alright
I'm hooked on a feeling
I'm high on believing
that your in love with me.
Lips as sweet as candy.
Their taste stays on my mind.
Girl, you keep me thirsty for another cup of wine.
I got it bad for you girl,
but I don't need a cure,
I'll just stay addicted, If I can endure
All the good love, when we're all alone
Keep it up girl, yeah you turn me on.
I'm, I'm hooked on a feeling.
I'm high on believing that your in love with me.

ПАРМА_Blue Suede Shoe

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