before we disappear forever

INXS - Disappear Музыкальный клип INXS - Disappear - infinity crush before we disappear forever

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infinity crush - before we disappear (forever)

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will you get to teach me stillness or
how to hold a camera or
feel bored or
not miss spots when i clean my room or
have feelings again
will you ever kiss me when youre sober

i cant drive you home
anymore from now on

i pray to god when i need him
i do the same thing
to my friends
they are usually sleeping
when i want to kill myself all over again
(pull my hair until its greasy
get high until i feel sick enough
to get high
all over again)

how did i become the fucked up one

i have a loneliness i want to contract everyone with
i have a loneliness all to myself

INXS - Disappear

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