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iCar Guide Car Buying Re-Invented - Jinjer Fox My WorldOST iCarly

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Jinjer Fox - My World(OST iCarly)

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Lets get this started

HelloIs everybody watchinhg?
Before I get the party started,
You know,you want to be invited

Step right up and get the taste of what you're biting
Feel the groove,when we move,I'm the center
We'll get in right,every night,like we're meant ta
When it all goes down,
I need to tell ya

You're gonna love me,
You gonna tell me that you're ready to go
I'm already there,
Look up in the air,
Cause I'm the star of the show
I'm number one,baby,
Always number one,baby.
So forget what you heard,
This is my world

My world revolves around me (oh,oh) x2

iCar Guide Car Buying Re-Invented

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