1393 miles away

Званый ужин: выпуск 1393 - Nawlage 1393 miles away

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Nawlage - 1393 miles away

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my distant distant love
straight from up up up above
no I cant go on this way
living day to day
while you so far away
ooh no my distance love

(verse 1)

I finally found a door to the heart a key (aki) works for
lyrically youre worth more deeper than the earth's core
speaking all my first thoughts missin your kisses and hugs
listen I wishn for your love make you my misses for good
a thought the skies were the limit
but holdin you while you cried hurt my mind and my spirit
Im hoping your by my side when its time for my ending
but I cry cuz without you my mind gets offended
what to do so confused cuz I feel so lost again
I cant breathe like i need you but no oxygen
this is no game I know you feel the same
and theres only one to blame but i know you feel this pain
sorry if i let you down but i had to move
visiting and leaving really made my heart crack in two
yes this is accual and I hope you had a clue
but I miss seein your smile while I had the view
never gonbe mad at you but the distance is tragical
I just wanna laugh with you conversate and relax with you
everynight ma you really get the best of me
I wake up every morning really thinking you were next to me


(verse 2)

I really love you and ill always be there
I just get you stuck in my mind like yes I care
when the time sucks dont worry i will fix thou fears
but I could give a fuck about that little bicht downstairs
sincerely youve been the best fresh like winter
though im far you really gotta stop with them cigarettes
to the left of your chest but the inner breast
heart beats fast while I hold you and I feel the best
you need my lovin im ready to go there
cuz of you 06 is already a good year
and you already really own my own affection
when I blow you know im bound to by a home by texas
I wish they had some kind of marriage plan for best friends
holding you less tense directed protection
why pick friends that are close but they werent not
Id rather have ashes on my uh with a burnt box


Званый ужин: выпуск 1393

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