Its Sad Boy

Yung Gleesh Feat Yung Lean - "Its Sad Boy" Grind Season 5 - Yung Gleesh x Yung Lean Its Sad Boy

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[Hook Yung Gleesh]
Lean by the bottle
Goop by the bottle
Who go full throttle
Booth by the bag boy, its sad boy
Its Sad Boy
Take 10 of my bitches out for business with jag boy, its sad boy
We in the mansion now
Got all of my bandz is out
Bad bitch be dancing now
No friends allowed
Its Sad Boy, Sad Boy
Woke up this morning
Got myself together
Can't pick which car I'm using boy
Its Sad boy, sad boy

[Verse 1 Yung Gleesh]
Woke up in Sweden
Pushed a button to the Trump Towers
The presidential suite
Trap house at the wall of relation suite
I'm gucci than a motherfucker come fuck Gleesh
Situation of the lean
Hopped off the plane in Sweden touch down
And I pictured the swisher to Yung Lean
She so pretty she switchin she so mean
I'm in Sweden with swishers and codeine
I'm in vouge but im shooting boudeen
Block it to work it cocaine
Figity my nigga wanna pick up the trigger
Another blocks with the bitches
This shit is bigger
Alot of work
Alot of a work
I had to work it in the kitchen
I had a black skeet man with a black mad chicken
Goin' through these bitches doe i can run away zoe
Black in the pits um oh
I get whatever i wnat
I can never like it
I can't fantasize
I can't never lie
Haha ha aha
West side every side
I got everybody
One time two time three time that's right


[Verse 2 Yung Lean]
Cloud Smoke, Yellow Diamonds
Its up in the sky where you can't find me
Knight Rider
[?] Boy you can deny it
Neo knife
Bright shining
Alone in this world
Bitch don't remind me
Lighting strikes
Papers flying
I'm youngin with my team don't remind me
Lights out
Iced out
Somewhere up in space
Can't tell what time is
Bright lights
Night grinding
Death already did
I mean I'mma sad boy
See me up errywhere
Throwing money
Flying out
Different state
Different day
Sad boys up on errything
Tell it to my bank account
You know we up on errything
Hundred on my teeth
Bapesters on my feet
I wake up and my mind is too deep

[Hook Yung Gleesh]

Yung Gleesh Feat Yung Lean - "Its Sad Boy" (Grind Season 5)

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