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Можешь зайти, можешь подписаться! - Yung Lean OreoMilkShake

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Yung Lean - OreoMilkShake

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Bitch I'm bussin
Pop a bottle in your head like im russian
Coke in my nose now he dead you ain't rushin
Rush hour 3 on dvd
Catch me ghostbusting
Catch me in a hotel with your mother and her cousin
Bitch i come through like never before
Fucking your bitch and pissing on the floor
My money weed and green bitch call me yoda
Popping ecstacy like pimpels
Drinking arizona
My money stack up
Bitch call me hilary
My dick is hard like steel
Bitch i am mini me
Chain heavy like mr T
I'm so real you can call me reality
Even rihanna couldn't get rid of me
Riddle me
Had her sucking on my dick on ritalin in italy
Sniffing cocaine
Im that mane
Yung lean stupid hoes think im charlie sheen
But he ain't even close to lean


Milkshake with them crushed up oreos
Bankrolls, stick my dick inside a glory hole
Burgers with bacon and that guacamole
Stick my dick inside your pussy yeah yeah real slowly

2nd verse

6hunna on my watch
Polopants be ready
Bitches get shaky like spaghetti
My whole crew look like freddy (kreuger)
Coming on your forehead like confetti
Bitch hold steady
I am deadly
Milkshake with them crushed up oreos
Bankrolls stick my dick inside a gloryhole
Fuck sportbras i dont even like sporty hoes
Catch me in the street bitch act like you don't know
Burgers with bacon and that guacamole
Stick my dick inside your pussy
Yeah real slowly
Yung lean doer's holy
Eat her out like ravioli
She's protecting my balls like she's a goalie
See me on the street bitch act like you dont know me
Y'all faggots been talking bout it
Yung leans trynna get a smoke around it
Purple kush all on the couch yeah
Until the police started sneaking round here


Yung Lean - Oreomilkshake

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