Yung Gud & DJ Smokey - Neighborhood Tip GENRE: Cloud / Hip Hop / Trillwave
DJ Smokey has finally released his beat tape "KUSH ALIENZ", consisting of a lot of atmospheric, sometimes spacey, hard as fuck tracks. Also, the release features a lot of well known collaborators such as "Yung Gud", who made this track with DJ Smokey. The song features a Three 6 Mafia sample, which is repeated throughout the songs entirety. The beat is punchy as fuck and very ethereal synths float overtop the percussion, with a trickling quality to them. Another vocal sample is introduced at about 2 minutes in, and this one is more R&B flavoured. Also, to end the track, the original song is slowed down in tempo, which is 'signalled' to occur by DJ Smokey's signature little laugh sample, which if you listen to the whole beat tape front to back, you will get really annoyed by this sample. Anyway great track from 2 awesome producers... - Yung Lean Volt

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Yung Lean - Volt

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[Verse 1]
Heart, heart, heart of a lion, lion
Heart departed from my soul, thanks to everyone who hates me, only makes me fit my role
I got orange juice and doobies, I'll be tourin troops, and groupies
Chef fired, vampire, diamonds, diamonds, i got rupees, i got pills in my smoothies
SBE just some loonies
Move like gang hit the scene with my trueies
Money, money in my bank account
You know I've gotta spend it all
Flick the lighter's light
If I die you'll never see me fall
Fuck the police, til the, til the, til the curtain call
Ball? No, basketball, New shoes, bank calls
Mix it with some alcohol, Adderall, still I fall
Not supposed to make it so we chase it till we got em all
Made it, did it, out of zero[?], flipped it, got it, made a hero
Fuck the game, I've been a year old[?], faster than you like De Niro
If you don't like me, get the fuck out my face
I'm ridin' in a starship, get the fuck out my way

Yung Gud & DJ Smokey - Neighborhood Tip

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